Introducing the Nook Air

The Nook Air complements and extends any space’s functionality. Seating up to four people, it’s perfect for collaboration and individual needs. Let’s review the Air’s features.

Remarkably Quiet

Pitched roof and acoustic panels significantly reduce ambient noise creating a focused hideaway to help you feel your best.

Responsible Design

Nook is committed to sustainability, that’s why they can be easily upgraded, repaired and recycled.

Enhance Existing Space

Nook is specifically designed so you can be out of the spotlight without having to isolate yourself.

Flexible Use

Arrange and rearrange your Nook to enhance work, play, healing, learning.

The Air comes pre-configured with Nook’s wellness and focus-centric features. Select from five different colors and add-ons like casters for extra mobility and an upper back panel for additional privacy. 

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