Maximize Underutilized Space for Students and Teachers

There are often spaces around the classroom or in your school that are underutilized, or even downright dysfunctional. Nook pods redefine space at schools by giving less useful spaces new life.

Think of all the places that could be turned into group project space, a meeting spot or a quiet workspace. Turn a lonely hallway into a thriving collaboration zone or add Nooks to the school library to make cozy reading alcoves; even the cafeteria can turn into a student or teacher meeting spot during or after school lunchtime.

Nooks are fully customizable – which means you can deck them out in school colors, add whiteboard walls to spur creativity and learning, and more. And the best part? Students love Nook!

Add a Nook anywhere you need to maximize space in a classroom, the cafeteria, library, hallways and more.

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