Are You Ready For Some Neuro-Inclusive Football?

It’s football season again and that means tailgates, touchdowns and… neuro-inclusivity? Because inclusivity is a priority for the Raiders, Allegiant Stadium is equipped with two Ford Sensory Nooks to make the game-day experience unforgettable for everyone.

The Sensory Nook is designed specifically with neurodiversity in mind and to help people cope with overstimulating environments. The vibrating seats ease tension and reduce anxiety, a twinkling, fiber-optic carpeted rear wall helps users feel emotionally secure, and multi-color LED lighting panels have a powerful effect on mood. The Ford Sensory Nooks are particularly effective to address neurodiversity including autism, ADHD and dyslexia.

David O’Coimin, the founder of Nook, said “To support such a world-famous brand as the Raiders in its pursuit of mental health inclusivity is a tremendous honor. Busy, noisy spaces can be overwhelming for many individuals, and our Sensory Nooks will ensure that all fans and their families are able to fully appreciate this incredible new stadium.”

“We are pleased to team up with Nook to provide our guests at Allegiant Stadium an environment for those who need to take a break in a location that is calming and tranquil,” said Raiders President, Marc Badain.

Nook is a Certified Autism Resource, awarded by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), a body that delivers the global standard for training and certification in the areas of autism and other cognitive disorders.

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