Nook Shelter

The fully customizable Nook Shelter complements any room by adding a personal or sharable retreat. The open alcove comes equipped with a whiteboard back panel, great for planning, brainstorming and doodling.

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Design your custom Nook

Nook is designed to be customized to fit your needs. ​ Configure a custom-built Nook, view it virtually in your room and get a quote. 

Closer Look

Wellness &

Featuring a pitched roof and 2.5” recycled PET acoustic panels to significantly reduce ambient noise, a whiteboard back panel that is writable on both sides, casters for secure placement and transporting of the Nook.


Built to last, the Nook Shelter can be easily upgraded, repaired, and recycled and is covered by a 3-year warranty. Upholstery is made of 55% post-consumer recycled materials and has a soil and stain repellent finish.

Versatile & Flexible

The Nook Shelter can seat up to four people and is ideal for working and healthcare environments, schools, event venues, and more. The heavy-duty locking casters ensure Nook stays securely in place and is easy to transport.

The Perfect Retreat

The Nook Shelter offers users a personal or shareable retreat specifically designed so they can be out of the spotlight without isolation.

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