Experience your Sanctuary with Nook

What is a Nook? Nook is a multi-purpose mobile pod, that enhances whatever you’re doing – from working to dreaming and everything in between. Their innovative design helps improve focus and wellbeing while maximizing your space.

The heart of our business is about genuinely caring for people and helping everyone be their best selves. These space-maximizing structures provide an empowering sanctuary for everyone. Check out the complete collection of Nooks and see how you can experience your sanctuary in a Nook.

Nook Air

The Air comes pre-configured with Nook’s wellness and focus-centric features. Select from five colors and add-ons like casters for extra mobility and an upper back panel for additional privacy. 

Nook Customizable Collection

The fully customizable collection, including the Huddle, Solo, and Shelter, offers a range of tailored features and colors. 

Nook Huddle

The Huddle extends your space’s functionality, seating up to four people, it’s perfect for collaboration and individual needs. Features include remote-controlled, adjustable LED and RBG lighting, integrated power outlets, built-in storage shelf and more.

Nook Solo

The Solo offers the ultimate quiet retreat for focused work, conference calls and more. Enjoy a peaceful privacy with reduced noise (up to 23 decibels) and two ultra-quiet fans that continuously keep the air flowing for a fresher and more productive environment.

Nook Shelter

The Shelter complements any room by adding a personal or sharable retreat, perfect for creating a comfy reading alcove, covered play space and more. The Shelter comes equipped with a whiteboard back panel, great for planning, brainstorming and doodling.

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