The Perfect Pairing: Nook Solo

Nook Solo perfectly pairs with focused tasks, taking calls, and unwinding away from the hustle of a larger space. Reducing noise by up to 23 decibels, it’s better than the Cone of Silence. The Solo offers a personal and private retreat from chaotic environments so users can focus and reset.

Custom design

Nook is fully customizable to fit your needs – you can define the exterior color, add or remove the door, and select the upper and lower panel colors. Inside, you have a table, individual seat, power-surge protected electrical outlets including USB plug ins, adjustable user-controlled lighting, and a small shelf over the table.

Fresh and calm

Nook Solo’s pitched roof and 1” recycled PET acoustic panels significantly reduce noise. And the two ultra-quiet fans renew the air 1.5 times per minute, so you’re always breathing fresh air.

Perfectly placed

All Nooks are designed to be able to be placed side by side, flush against the wall or in an open room to define the space. The heavy-duty lockable casters make it easy to arrange and re-arrange Nooks as often as you wish.

Ready to make the most of your space? Find your Nook.

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