Unlimited Design Potential: Nook Pods

Nook pods are designed to be versatile – in fact they are great for all kinds of applications, from the office to the classroom and more. Due to its shape, Nook can be flush against a wall, serve as dividers for a space, and placed side-by-side in endless combinations. And with caster wheels, Nook is easy to move depending on your day-to-day needs. Here are a few of our favorite Nook formations for inspo:

Break up the breakroom

The breakroom, cafeteria, kitchen – whatever you call it, is great for the lunch rush, but usually it’s an underutilized space. Nooks add additional dining space, as well as an inviting spot for focused work or small group meetings.

Make a transition space pop

Hallways and smaller rooms, like just outside the elevator bay, are just transition spaces, right? Not with Nook! Now you can make cozy workspaces in previously unused areas. The noise dampening acoustic panels and pitched roof significantly reduce ambient noise creating a focused hideaway for students, visitors, customers or employees.

Line ‘em up

We love when Nooks are used together. Line up the Nook Huddle, Air, Solo and Shelter to create accessible, and moveable (they’re on wheels!) spaces for working, relaxing, meeting, brainstorming and more!

The great divide

As the trend of an open office wanes, you may be looking for ways to split up large spaces. Enter: Nook. Nooks can act as partitions to help divide your office, classroom, etc. And since they’re mobile, you can easily rearrange them whenever your workforce changes, or if you want to host a large event, or perhaps an impromptu dance party.

Nook’s power is only limited by your imagination. We’ve put a couple of Nook Shelter’s facing each other, one with a TV in it and the other filled with blankets and pillows, to host a cozy movie night. Just add popcorn!

What can you do in a Nook? Find your Nook.

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