What it’s Like in a Nook

You’ve probably never experienced anything like it. From the outside, the Nook looks like a covered booth, or a secluded little house. But when you sit in it…. Well, it’s hard to put into words, but I’ll try.

When you sit in a Nook you feel good. You feel relaxed, yet ready to tackle any project. You feel like you’ve got a little haven to yourself or with a small group. You want to touch everything. Feel the cushion in the seating and the walls. Change the lighting to fit your mood (in the Nook Huddle) and get your set up just right – cellphone on the shelf, coffee on the right, laptop right in front. Stow your bag away under the seat and out of sight. It instantly feels like ‘your space.’

The Nook Huddle, Shelter and Air are remarkably quiet while not being starkly silent. Your voice automatically lowers because of Nook’s unique design. The downward slopes of the pitched roof and insulated walls help carry your voice inside and keep unwanted noise out. That’s right—you can talk without yelling!

Nook Solo offers an even more private experience. With the closed door, it not only reduces noise up to 23 decibels, but Nook Solo also comes with two ultra-quiet fans to continuously keep the air flowing for a fresher, never-stuffy environment.

One last thing, I nearly forgot to mention the wheels. You can rearrange your Nook wherever you need it with its heavy-duty, locking casters. Put Nooks side-by-side, or next to each other. Set up two Shelters facing each other, fill one with bean bags and you’ve got the perfect movie set up. Line them up and down a hallway and you’ve just enhanced an underutilized space. Custom-design Nook Huddles without the back walls and you can create an extra-long meeting space – anywhere you need it.

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