What Makes Coworking Spaces Successful?

The success of commercial coworking spaces is tied to their ability to help a wide range of abilities and personalities work together in a space productively. Curated coworking spaces can help people connect and collaborate, which is why they’re so popular.

Instead of working from home, a growing number of remote and hybrid employees are choosing to work at coworking spaces. These spaces often offer a more distraction-free environment than compared to working at home or in a coffee shop.

What do you Value?

Playing ping pong or grabbing a nap in a nap pod may be promoted as productivity hacks, but these activities can also be a huge source of distraction, making it difficult to have a productive workday.

Consider what you value. Are you picky about your desk? Lighting? Room temperature? Do you need a distraction-free space where you aren’t constantly watching people walk by or hear every word of their conversation?

Cater to a Variety of Needs

It’s easy to be blinded by the quirky things some coworking spaces offer; an awesome view, lunch-time yoga classes, free cookies in the café. A great coworking space will offer you something you can’t get at home – a space that enhances whatever you’re working on. You want innovative design that helps improve focus and wellbeing.

Nook does all this while also maximizing your space – because it’s mobile! Nooks can be set up as room dividers one moment and rearranged to add working pods to an empty hallway the next. They’re perfect in the breakroom, reception area and everywhere in between.

Ready to make the most of your coworking space? Find your Nook.

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