How Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Spaces are Flexing to Attract Remote Workers and Fresh Revenue

The pandemic pressed fast-forward on what is being dubbed the work-from-anywhere phenomenon. Businesses that previously had no relation to the world of work are recognizing that how we work has changed for good and that their business model can adapt accordingly. Retail outlets, shopping malls, hotels, service stations, golf clubs, resorts – the list goes on… are looking to redefine their service offering by creating spaces that enable customers to work. So how easy is it to achieve this transformation?

Creating a work-from-anywhere space

This is not a case of wedging a few seats and tables into a drafty corner and hoping individuals take notice. Businesses looking seriously at this work-from-anywhere model are determined to get it right. And they’re finding that getting it right can be quick, simple and inexpensive.

It really can be as easy as providing great coffee, great Wi-Fi and a Nook. Nooks are acoustic work pods, designed to dampen sound and to deliver comfort and privacy without isolating users. The addition of just one Nook can immediately redefine a space and change the way a customer interacts with a business. And the fact that you can get a Nook built on wheels also gives businesses the ability to effortlessly change up space – a portable office to be placed wherever works best.

What are the business advantages?

Take resorts and other typical vacation spots as an example. Previously, a busy working day may have resulted in a customer choosing to work from home rather than enjoy a swim. With the introduction of professional and productive work pods, this customer can enjoy their exercise and remain on-site to complete any work tasks. This is a long way removed from trying to balance a laptop on a wobbly table in a noisy café. Work can be completed in a calm, productive and purpose-designed environment.

For the customer, the ability to exercise and be productive offers a much healthier work-life balance. And for the resort, gym, hotel, etc., it means one more customer on-site who otherwise may not have been, potentially spending on refreshments and equipment – even paying to use the work pod itself if that’s the chosen financial model. The addition of Nooks may encourage new memberships, attracting those who previously worried that work didn’t leave time for fun.

For customer-facing businesses – many of whom will have taken a financial hit during this testing year – the opportunity to add new revenue streams is very attractive. The demand is there. So are the solutions. Flexing your service offering has never been easier; or more important.

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