Nook Helps to Redefine Space and Behavior in Schools

Hearing from customers about the way Nooks are helping to redefine spaces and behaviors is always special. When that feedback is from those in the education sector it’s especially heart-warming.

Nook is a long-term asset for schools and universities, helping them to make more of their space while better catering to neurodiversity and enhancing engagement between staff and pupils.

St John’s Primary School, Edinburgh, currently has two Nooks within its beautifully designed breakout space.
The design aimed to bring the outside in, with the green upholstery, echoing the palette of nature. Staff at the school say that their little learners love the Nooks – to the extent that it causes regular competition over who gets the best seats.

There’s also a lot of love being shown for Nook across the city at Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh. Here, a village of Nooks has been created around a tree in the school atrium café area.
Pupils are allowed to customize the area – an effortless process thanks to Nook’s smooth wheel castors. The atrium is now so popular that the amount spent in the café in one day exceeded what had previously been spent in a week.
The school says that its Nooks have created an inclusive dining space that provides a safe haven for learners on the autistic spectrum to enable them to cope with the noise and activity in this part of the building.
It’s fantastic to hear that the Nooks are constantly in use for both learning and socializing across all age groups.

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